Car Emergency Kit - Car Survival Kits

Car Emergency Kit: A Detailed Checklist for Basic, Advance and Pro Car Survival Kits

Your vehicle can bog down anywhere and anytime. Sometimes even without any prior warning light/sign. Therefore it is very important that you keep a bunch of items that can help you in any emergency situation. Car emergency kit includes those essential items that you’ll need in case your car breaks down (because of any reason) and you are stuck somewhere. Why You Need a Car Emergency Kit? From 1992 to 2007, 65,439 search and rescue operations were carried out for 78,488 individuals [...]


What is Personal Hygiene & How to Take Care of it in Survival Situation

What is Personal Hygiene Cleanliness is an integral element of personal hygiene if you want to prevent the occurrence of health disorders such as diseases and deadly infections. As per Wikipedia, “personal hygiene involves those practices performed by an individual to care for one’s bodily health and well being, through cleanliness“ Personal hygiene is critical; as your chances of living are slim when you are deprived of a proper hygienic environment. Taking your bath with hot water and soap is a [...]

How to Choose Items for a Survival Kit - The Deliberate Way

How to Choose Items for a Survival Kit – The Deliberate Way

Whether you are a prepper or not, you can not deny the importance of a Survival kit. How to select items for a survival kit and how to pack these items always remains a point of concern for everyone. Newbies try to implement whatever they hear or read on the internet. Although there are some good survival experts whose opinion and guides are gold, most of the preppers/survival experts you read on the internet are self-acclaimed with no experience, [...]


Lifestraw Water Filter: 7 Facts Which Every Prepper Needs to Know

I must admit that lifestraw water filter is one of the most important invention of this decade. It has helped lots of people around the globe by providing then clean drinking water. However with the passage of time people developed few myths about it. They can not seem to differentiate myths from realities. So, here in this post, I’ve listed some of the facts related to Lifestraw water purifier. There are some facts which can actually contribute towards saving someone’s like [...]


How to Start a Fire Without Matches – 14 Different Techniques

Before we start explaining how to start a fire without matches / lighter, lets check out few basic requirements of building a fire. There are few things which you will need in order to build and sustain fire in all scenarios. Things Required to Start a Fire Tinder Tinder is dry and easily flammable material that needs only a few sparks to get ignited. There are many things that you can use as tinder as long as they’re absolutely dry. You can gather thin, [...]