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Be prepared for anything with a Car survival kit.

The only thing that is worse than being stuck on the road being stuck completely off the road. Many of us are woefully under-prepared for any lengthy vehicular stoppages, but it’s never too late to fix that. A good Car Survival Kit is the perfect companion for when your road trip, day/night drive, or even that simple trip. For you to be closer to home, it is more likely you’ll be able to find quick help, but these Car Survival Kit items can turn a ruined day into a minor inconvenience on the way to making an appointment or getting home on time.

We’ve broken this list out into items that you’ll always want on hand (everyday essentials), and others that are great to have for longer trips (road trip requirements). Pack these provisions along with the items given below, and make your next long-distance drive a worry-free expedition with your safe Car Survival Kit.